Surprised and Over the Moon

8 Jul


For someone who never wins anything, wild excitement here at Y Streic a Fi, film of The Gritties, taking two Wales BAFTA awards. Thank you everyone for your support!

Film Trailer

14 Feb

As am obsessed with film trailers ( amongst several other things) this has to be the best ever:

The Gritties Becomes Film ‘Y Streic A Fi’

13 Feb

A Dream Realized

24 Mar

Two years ago, I self-published The Gritties, which despite having an excellent agent champion it, had failed to get a deal.

This little blog was born out of frustration with the idea of haranguing people endlessly on twitter to buy my book…

Anyway, the material within it reached the right audience and am utterly thrilled to say The Gritties is now being made into a tv film.

So if you are feeling isolated, marginalized, disheartened or discouraged on your own creative project, then please take succor here.

And if you know deep down in your guts that there is an audience for what you offer… then hunt them out…

We are living in times where this has never been easier.

May the gods of search be with you!





Film Fantasy

5 Aug

Nothing like wishful thinking to get an author going, when struggling with the need to be marketeer too… realistic casting below this poster…. and soundtrack too.
Here’s Richard Lynch who would be great as Carys’s dad:

And Sharon Roberts would be perfect to be her mum, Gwen:

And finally Carys herself…Non Haf is graduating from drama school this year, with a spunky audition tape

Sound Track

The miners’ wives, the Gritties love to sing ‘Robert De Niro’s Waiting Talking Italian’ by Bananarama – but they change the words to ‘Gwyn Price’ (hero/villain) ‘talking Welsh’.

At the fashion show the soundtrack includes: Prince ‘When Doves Cry’ ( Doves over a mine are a mining superstition – but Carys uses it as a sexy soundtrack for her performance ).

This scene also features Rockwell : ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ ; Michael Jackson: ‘Thriller’; Billy Joel’s: ‘Uptown Girl’ ; and Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’.

The musical inspiration for the Gritties is the Manic Street Preachers ‘Design for Life’ which was written about the mine closures.

When The Political Gets Terrifyingly Personal

28 May

The Gritties Trailer 2 from Owen Davies on Vimeo

A terrific read…The Gritties depicts a very different 1980s from the one of yuppies and pop promos that we usually see on tv. And it’s got one of the funniest sex scene I have ever read! But it is also shocking and sad – it’s about how human beings wrestle against their fate. It’s a very appropriate subject for our own times – where two very different cultures of haves and have-nots prevail in the UK. *****amazon review

Hello there.

The Gritties is a novel about the 1984/85 miners strike in South Wales, focussing on a group of women who run a soup kitchen.

It is about survival, sex, ambition and a fight to preserve community – even though the jobs involved are some of the most dangerous in the world.

Caught in the crossfire between Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and miners’ leader, Arthur Scargill, the volatile situation allowed careerist politicians and journalists to thrive, while idealists saw their lives destroyed.

The story comes up to 2009 when our heroine returns to a very different community from the one she left.

Many people have helped this project, via their stories and recollections about the miners’ strike. I hope to upload more content to this site and if you have anything relevant you would like shown here, please just leave a message or post on The Gritties Facebook page

I’m talking about this project on July 28th in Kidwelly in West Wales at the Kidwelly ebook festival

So hope to see you then – otherwise, all best to you.

Philippa Davies